AHFI Prep Course

Due to the evolving situation with COVID, NHCAA has created an online version of our AHFI Prep Course. We will host an in-person program again when the time is appropriate and its once again safe to meet in large groups.

The NHCAA AHFI® Prep Course is a one-day intensive program designed to highlight key content areas of the AHFI® Exam. Experienced faculty provide instruction on the key areas addressed in the AHFI® Exam enabling candidates to feel better prepared. This course should serve as a “refresher” for more seasoned investigators. You do not need to be accepted to take the AHFI® Exam in order to participate in the Prep Course.

Additional information including a study guide will be provided when an applicant is approved for the AHFI® examination.

What to Expect

Pre-recorded sessions will be available on demand for four weeks between February 1 - March 5 to registered attendees. You can watch at your own pace, engaging with as few or as many sessions during each sitting. To earn credit for attending you must watch each session and complete the course survey at the end of the month. These sessions were not designed to be shared or streamed with others. Each participant should be registered to attend in order to receive credit.

Program Content

The AHFI® Prep Course has been developed based on the following areas. These represent the categories of expertise that emerged from the comprehensive analysis conducted in 2018.

  • The Nature and Scope of The U.S. Health Care System
  • The Business and Operations of the Health Care Insurance System
  • Prevention, Identification and Detection of FWA
  • Investigative, Resolution and Reporting Process

Agenda: NHCAA has created a recommended viewing agenda. You may choose to view each session at your own pace, but we do suggest following along with our recommended agenda.

Question & Answer sessions: A live Q&A session with each speaker will be scheduled during this month. This is your opportunity to ask each speaker specific questions on their topic. NHCAA recommends you follow the agenda and view the speaker’s session before attending. We encourage you to join these sessions at the start time to ensure you have adequate time to ask your questions. If there are no questions, the session will conclude early. Please note: The speakers will not be available for the full hour unless there are pending questions from attendees.

The sessions will be viewed through Vimeo. Please check with your IT administrator to ensure that https://vimeo.com/ is not blocked on your laptop and/or desktop computer.

The sessions, along with information on the Q&A sessions, will be available in the NHCAA AHFI Prep Course Portal. Directions on how to access the portal will be sent out approximately a week before the sessions start.

This program is for registered attendees only. Sessions were not designed to be shared or streamed with others. Each participant should be registered to attend.

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AHFI® Prep Course Rates $425 $425
AHFI® Application & Examination Rates Additional fees apply Additional fees apply

Register online via secure transactions. Please have a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card available. CLOSED


Fill out & print completed registration form. CLOSED

Registration Policy

Registration Deadline: CLOSED

Cancellations and substitutions will not be accepted after January 7th. Substitution requests may experience a delay in accessing the virtual program.

All cancellations (regardless of date) will be assessed with at $100.00 administrative fee.

  • All written notice of cancellations and substitutions should be sent via email to training@nhcaa.org.
  • Before cut-off date - To cancel and obtain a full refund (minus an administrative fee) or to request a substitution, you must provide written notice to The NHCAA Institute - NETS.
  • After cut-off date - If you cancel in writing after the cut-off date, no refund will be provided but credit for future training is available. All substitution requests received after the cut-off date will be charged a $100.00 administrative fee.

For more information regarding administrative policies on refunds and cancellations or to register a complaint, please contact training@nhcaa.org.


Participants will earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours applicable to the training requirements for the Accredited Health Care Fraud Investigator (AHFI®) designation. Only those who are registered to attend and watch each available session will be eligible to receive credit. No partial credit will be awarded.