Behavioral Analytics


In order to truly thrive in a value-based world, it is essential for healthcare organizations to look beyond traditional data sources and develop a greater understanding of the factors that drive their populations' decisions. Creating and maintaining personas, or sub-groups of patients or members that share similar characteristics, should be considered a best practice for attaining these actionable insights.

Health Care Payment Integrity through Advanced Analytics

by SAS Institute

How much are fraud, error, waste and abuse costing your organization? Costs to insurers are huge - as much as 25 percent of payments made. This paper discusses how today's data management and analytics platforms promise breakthroughs by using data to predict and detect loss in all its forms.

Revolutionizing FWA detection with a fully integrated software solution - FWAShield

by Healthcare Fraud Shield

Healthcare Fraud Shield is a provider of dynamic fraud, waste and abuse detection software solutions that have dominated the complex financial services industry over the past fifteen years. Our suite of products introduces several new technology applications to the healthcare industry that will revolutionize cost reduction opportunities. Read more to find out about our products and services.