NHCAA Board Chair Katherine Leff Testifies Before Senate Committee

On July 22, NHCAA Board Chair Katherine Leff (SIU Director, CareSource) testified as part of a three-person panel before the Senate Special Committee on Aging at a hearing titled, "The Doctor's Not In: Combating Medicare Provider Enrollment Fraud." Ms. Leff was joined on the witness panel by Shantanu Agrawal, M.D., CMS Deputy Administrator and Director of the Center for Program Integrity (CPI) and Seto Bagdoyan, Director of Audit Services, Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The GAO issued a 17-page report the day of the hearing titled, "MEDICARE PROGRAM: Additional Actions Needed to Improve Eligibility Verification of Providers and Suppliers" which served as a focal point for much of the hearing discussion. Eleven senators were in attendance, including the Chair Senator Collins (R-ME) and Ranking Member Senator McCaskill (D-MO). Senator Carper (D-DE), while not a member of the committee, attended as a guest. Program integrity and fighting health care fraud have been issues of priority to Senator Carper for many years.

To watch a video of the nearly two-hour hearing and to download witness testimony, click here. The hearing begins at roughly the 18-minute mark.