Sponsorship Opportunities

Annual Training Conference & Anti-Fraud Expo

A host of sponsorship opportunities are available during the NHCAA Annual Training Conference & Anti-Fraud Expo. If you would like to discuss crafting a sponsorship specifically for your organization, we're happy to do so! Please contact mwilliams@nhcaa.org with any questions or ideas.

To view a list of our 2014 exhibitors, please click here.

Sponsored Webinars

By sponsoring a webinar, you'll engage NHCAA's members and customers in valuable direct dialogue. Our previous webinars have hosted between 500-1000 participants, to whom we'll offer AHFI (Accredited Health Care Fraud Investigator) CPE hours for attending (based on agenda approval). NHCAA provides promotion for your webinar including articles in our newsletters including the Beacon, Education & Training e-newsletter, and the NHCAA News Brief, as well as on our website. We'll manage the evaluation process, including the compilation of results. For additional information on Webinars, please contact mwilliams@nhcaa.org.

Education & Training e-Newsletter

The Education & Training e-Newsletter is our monthly email sent to a wide net of members and customers, announcing upcoming Education & Training opportunities through NHCAA, as well as other timely health care fraud-related content. Advertising in this vehicle ensures visibility to over 8,000 active recipients. For more information, please contact mwilliams@nhcaa.org.