AHFI Approved For Vendors

Vendor CPE Information

It's easy to apply. Simply have NHCAA review your organization's relevant education and training programs and content to seek "AHFI Approved" status. You'll be helping your participants derive even greater value from your organization's programs by enabling them to earn continuing education credit to meet the requirements of the AHFI® designation. AHFI® approved education's learning objectives and educational goal should enhance the health care fraud investigation, detection or prosecution skills of the investigator. Acceptable training not specific to health care fraud may include coding classes, software (anti-fraud or Excel) classes and classes from other health care organizations designed to raise awareness about health insurance products or medical terminology.

Program approval is per course, renewable annually. Offer credit for in-person meetings, distance learning courses or training audios and webinars. View a list of approved programs, here.

Some of the benefits of approval include:

  • AHFI® CPE approval for your education.
  • AHFI® Approved certificate template.
  • Program listed on the AHFI® Approved Education website, with link to your organization's website.
  • Program inclusion in NHCAA's promotional newsletter.
  • "AHFI Approved" logo to use in your marketing.

Fee Schedule

For-profit entities:

  1. 1 time application fee $25
  2. 0-4 CPEs - $50
  3. 5-8 CPEs - $100
  4. 9-16 CPEs - $150
  5. 17+ CPEs - $200

Non-profit/Government entities/NHCAA Organizational Members:

  1. Application fee waived
  2. 0-4 CPEs - $25
  3. 5-8 CPEs - $50
  4. 9-16 CPEs - $75
  5. 17+ - $100


Please complete the Application for CPE Approval and remit with payment and full conference agenda, to:

AHFI Approvals
1220 L Street, NW Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005

Applications will be processed within three weeks, and contacts will be notified by email of the acceptance and number of credit hours awarded. For more information contact Leigh McKenna at lmckenna@nhcaa.org.